• Home-made Body Lotion

    If you’re looking for a homemade lotion or hand cream that will nourish your skin, look no further. This recipe is super nourishing, super versatile, super smooth, and super simple.

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  • Tips to Lasting Perfume

    Which should be your concentration? The concentration of a perfume is the percentage of the pure fragrance oil used to stabilize ingredients, which determines its lasting power.

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  • Perfect Perfume & Cologne

    Perfumes and colognes are scents that men and women wear to enhance their beauty or even attract a potential mate. They can lift a moon or evoke your fond memories in the past.

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  • Model Skin Care Essentials

    Yeah, watching models do their thing during Fashion Month and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show looks like some non-stop, wildly glamorous event,

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